LASIK Surgery

What is LASIK?

LASIK surgery involves creating a very thin superficial flap of corneal tissue on a hinge, ablating or removing microscopic amounts with a very accurate laser, and replacing the corneal flap. The procedure is painless, quick and visual recovery is 6-12 hours. It is a very safe procedure for the right candidate and very accurate. Millions of LASIK surgeries have safely been performed around the world.

With a greater understanding of the physiology of the eye and observing patients over 20 years, LASIK surgeons have come to better understand causes of short and long term complications. Those situations are avoided and thus the procedure has become much safer. Laser technology and flap creation advances has resulted in extremely low incidence of complication.

Dr. Matzkin has performed over 10,000 successful laser procedures. He is highly regarded amongst his colleagues in the field of refractive and vision correction surgery.

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Vision Correction Overview

Learn more about vision correction surgery options, including LASIK, PRK, lens replacement surgery, cataract surgery and ICL.

Are you a candidate for LASIK?

Not everyone is - but don't worry, there are alternate options!

What about lens replacement surgery?

ICL is an excellent option for people who aren't ready for cataract surgery but want improved vision without glasses.

It took me many years to decide to have LASIK. Now, like everyone I know who had it done, I wonder why I didn't do it years ago.

Amy Carter

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Thank you, Dr. D, for taking time to answer all of our questions about LASIK, explaining my situation and allowing me to make the decision that has allowed me to witness the world around me more clearly now!

Herb Emory

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