Our Lasers

At Allied Eye, we are pleased to offer surgeries and procedures performed using the following lasers:

  • Argon Laser for diabetic retinopathy
  • SLT Laser for glaucoma
  • Yag Laser for post-cataract scar tissue and glaucoma
  • Femto Laser for cataract surgery
  • LASIK for refractive vision correction

Feel free to ask us for more information about our various lasers.

In one word ... Fabulous! I can see distance, I can see near, I can see intermediate, and it was absolutely a very easy experience. I can't say enough about it. Anyone who needs a cataract extraction should definitely choose this premium multifocal lens.

Nancy Langerman

Premium Cataract Patient

When I was told I must have cataract surgery, I did my homework and chose Dr. Matzkin. At all times he made me feel comfortable and at ease with what would be done during surgery. The surgery itself was fast and without any pain or after effects. My vision after multifocal implants has never been so good. My clarity is phenomenal. The ability to read small print and not have halos around the words or lights is better than I expected. I highly recommend Dr. Matzkin and his staff for implant surgery.

Sharon O'Neal

Premium Cataract Patient