Patient Glossary of Terms

Refraction -- test for glasses

Presbyopia -- need for reading glasses

Astigmatism -- irregular shape of eye

Cornea -- clear tissue in front of eye

Topography -- scan to determine shape of cornea

Retina -- inner lining of the back of eye

Fundus -- retina including optic nerve

OCT -- CT scan of the retina

Angiogram -- dye test to evaluate fundus

A-scan -- measurement for implant

Multifocal implant -- placed at time of cataract surgery to avoid distance and reading glasses

Toric implant -- implant to correct astigmatism

Yag laser -- implant to correct astigmatism

Amsler grid -- a grid of lines with a central fixation spot to help patients with macula degeneration monitor their vision at home

Visual field -- test for side vision in glaucoma