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There have been major advances in vision correction in recent years. Modern Premium Implants are revolutionizing the ability to restore near perfect vision in many cases. Because of the variety of new options, those persons who prefer the best possible outcome are recommended to access our Premium Plus Vision Consultation.

The Premium Plus Consultation is designed for our most discerning clients who want to explore different options, try out a couple of approaches, and collaborate with Dr. Matzkin as he tailors the ultimate best fit for you among a variety of premium options for vision correction surgery.

Premium Plus Consultations ensure that a completely personalized outcome is achieved by maximizing the fit between your lifestyle and the surgical options available. While the Premium options offered by Dr. Matzkin are built to avoid the need for dependence on glasses in most of your daily life, Premium Plus goes a step further toward eliminating dependence on distance, reading and bifocal glasses. Your lifestyle is unique, and Premium Plus Consultations make your vision solution unique.

If you qualify for this service, and believe that the best vision correction solution is worth a little extra time and investment, a private Premium Plus Vision Consultation is for you.

If, however you decline this level of service, Dr. Matzkin will calculate the outcome for your surgery designed for best distance vision. In these cases, bifocal glasses to correct astigmatism and near vision may be required.

The Premium Plus consultation includes all of the following services:

  • Refraction
  • Monovision evaluation
  • Topography
  • Pachymetry
  • IOL- master
  • Macula OCT
  • Full discussion and education by your surgeon and staff members

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