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During a routine exam by Dr. Matzkin, he found a problem when my vision was fading in and out. He thought it was due to my left carotid artery being blocked, and he recommended that I see my heart doctor. He wrote a letter to my heart doctor. He saw me, and he didn't find anything wrong, but, he recommended that I have an echo of the carotids done, just to be sure. During my echo, they found my left carotid artery to be 99% blocked, and found right to be 80% blocked. Dr. Matzkin then sent letters to my heart doctor and my regular physician. At that time, things picked up in a hurry. Then I was told that they had found a complete blockage, and that if I didn't get it corrected, it could break off and go straight to my eye and cause complete blindness in the left eye. Dr. Sprouse, my heart surgeon, placed a stent in my left side, and placed me on medication to control the right side.

If it hadn't been for Dr. Matzkin, I would have lost my eye. He may have even saved my life, as thanks to him, we found the blocked artery. But he definitely saved my eyesight.

I think the world of him and I always will.

Robert Pippenger

February 2016

I don’t like to go to doctors and wouldn’t have normally done anything like [multifocal lens implant cataract surgery], except for my wife told me I should. I’m glad that she did. I’m well pleased with the outcome of the surgery and can now read without having to carry around two sets of glasses. I enjoy the Allied Eye staff and cutting up with them. Dr. Matzkin is extremely likeable and very competent. I appreciate what he did for me. I’m well pleased and tickled to death with the services I’ve received and the outcome of the surgery. I have recommended Dr. Matzkin to friends and family and encouraged them to have this surgery if they need it and are able.

Waymon "Larry" Rose

July 2016

Dr. Matzkin and Staff,

I do not have a personal Facebook account and do not particularly care to have one but I wanted to thank you for your assistance over the last several weeks. Your care and professionalism during my operations and follow-up on my cataract surgery was superb. Although a patient for several years, I basically was a walk-up in March. I explained to the counter staff that my left eye had deteriorated significantly from the previous October 2015 annual exam. I was very concerned about it and I suppose the counter staff quickly recognized the seriousness of the situation and within a couple of hours I had been examined by the staff, by Dr. Matzkin and had an appointment for surgery.

The surgery and follow-up procedure went extremely well and the results on the left eye is that I now see 20/20. In discussions with the staff and Dr. Matzkin during my subsequent follow-up checkup it was determined that I would be a good candidate at this point in time for surgery on my right eye. The results are that I now see 20/20 out of my right eye also. Is that not a miracle.

The surgical success and the follow-up care has just been incredible. I am very grateful to all of you, the whole team has made such a positive difference in my life.

Thanks to all of you.

Steve Leach

Dear Dr. Matzkin,

Wow! I'm impressed with you and your staff. You have done an excellent job on both of my eyes. The cataracts are gone, and I am left with this great vision - the tech "clocked" me at 20/15 today in your office. It was neat too, sir, that both of my eyes could be scheduled two weeks apart - I really did appreciate that. My world is brighter now, and about colors - I had no idea that my stove was so white, or that my dear friend's car had so much pink in it, or that my skin had so much yellow in it.

I'm really impressed with your staff: They move around and help each other, and they've all been very helpful to me, very kind, and very gracious, and I am very thankful for all of you.

May the Lord Jesus Christ receive all the glory. Dr. Matzkin, I thank you for all of the talents and skills He has blessed you with.


January 2015

It took me many years to decide to have LASIK. Now, like everyone I know who had it done, I wonder why I didn't do it years ago. The pre- and post-procedure check-ups were professional and all of my questions were answered truthfully and with patience. I love Dr. Matzkin and everyone who works there. The entire process was problem free and being able to see clearly all the time is a constant joy. My experience couldn't have been better.

Perhaps my highest compliment is that I recommended them to my brother and my dearest friend. Raising a four year old boy and counting on them to help, I definitely need them both healthy and very sharp-sighted!

Amy Carter

Daughter of President Carter

When I was told I must have cataract surgery, I did my homework and chose Dr. Matzkin. At all times he made me feel comfortable and at ease with what would be done during surgery. The surgery itself was fast and without any pain or after effects. My vision after multifocal implants has never been so good. My clarity is phenomenal. The ability to read small print and not have halos around the words or lights is better than I expected. I highly recommend Dr. Matzkin and his staff for implant surgery.

Sharon O'Neal

Premium IOL

I am pleased to write this wonderful story about Dennis Matzkin, M.D and tell you how he changed my life forever in January 2012. Dr. Matzkin was a physician in Atlanta, where I was hired as his front desk receptionist. Little did I know when I accepted the job how blind I actually was! Part of working for a team of optometrists and ophthalmologists is that I got a complimentary eye exam. I knew my vision had been fading over the past year or so, but just thought I needed a new prescription. I could not see the television at all without sitting extremely close to it. I could no longer read small print or insurance cards and driver’s license. Also, I had completely gotten to the point where I would no longer drive at night because I could not see where I was going to get home or anywhere else. I also had to rely on my 10 year-old daughter and 6-year-old son to help me read signs when I was driving. At the time, I was only 39 years old, so having cataracts never crossed my mind.

Shortly after starting to work for Dr. Matzkin I realized that I was struggling to do my job. I was completely in shock when I was told that I was “legally blind”. I had cataracts in both eyes that had severely affected my vision. Dr. Matzkin immediately put it into action for me to have cataract surgery. We had extensive conversations along with checking my vision over and over again to decide which lens would be best for me. We decided on the multifocal lens, and I was set up for surgery the following week. As per protocol, only one eye was operated on at a time, and then the following eye was set up for the next week. Immediately after surgery on my first eye I was completely amazed at how much I could see and how vibrant colors were. Dr. Matzkin followed with the second eye the following week, and then I was really amazed at how well I could see!

I had to have LASIK one month after my surgery because I had an astigmatism that the lens could not correct.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Matzkin for restoring my vision to 20/20 now in both eyes! The beauty about the multifocal lens is that I can now see both distance and near without needing reading glasses.

Throughout the entire process he was very patient and extremely accommodating with any questions or concerns I had.

I would recommend Dr. Dennis Matzkin to restore your vision if you are suffering from cataracts or need LASIK surgery. You will be amazed at how it will change your life forever.

Rene Campbell

Premium IOL Patient

It has been a month since my cataract surgery with the ReSTOR multifocal replacement lenses and I am thrilled with the outcome! I now have great vision for near, mid-range, and distance – and NO GLASSES! In the days immediately following my surgery, I did not need glasses to be able to function without restriction in my day to day life. Reading for work and reading for pleasure are essential in my life. While it took a few days for my near vision to learn to focus well with my new lenses, and while I can see better in well lit settings, words on pages now appear crisp, bright, and clear. In my role as an Information Technology professional, I am working at a computer my whole workday. From the day that I returned back to work – even while my eyes were healing – I had no problem with brightness, contrast, or focus in using the computer and doing whatever I needed to do to accomplish my tasks. As an artist, visual accuracy and correct color recognition are so important. With my new ReSTOR lenses, I can now see shapes and colors crisply and vividly. I do see star bursts on lights that shine directly into my eyes, especially when driving at night, but these are not debilitating or overwhelming, nor do they interfere with me being able to see everything else that I need to see to remain fully functional. Best of all, I have noticed that with each passing day I am becoming less aware of the star bursts, or of any eye surgery related phenomena, and am becoming more accustomed to my great new way of seeing things!

While the cost of the multifocal lenses was significant, a future with perfect vision for the rest of my life is priceless! Thank you so much, Dr. Matzkin, for your expertise, skill, care, and the great outcome on my cataract surgery! Certainly this is one of the best investments I have ever made!

Susan Jalalian

Premium IOL Patient

I wanted to drop you a note about how pleasant my experience at Eyesight Laser was recently. Your entire staff, from the waiting area to the OR, were just great to my wife, Karen, and me. They were prompt, efficient and respectful during our entire treatment period. Thank you, Dr. D, for taking time to answer all of our questions about LASIK, explaining my situation and allowing me to make the decision that has allowed me to witness the world around me more clearly now! I can read the exit signs now from the Skycopter Lounge and I have not picked up a magnifying glass to look at my map since you worked your magic. Thank you also for the patience you displayed when trying to get those contacts in! You all are the best!

Capt. Herb Emory

Newstalk 750 WSB Radio - Skycopter/Skyplane Traffic

I wanted to let others know how wonderful LASIK is for anyone with a disability. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in 2002 and have had my share of ups and downs. This year, during an exacerbation, I lost my ability to use my hands. I could not put my glasses on, much less clean them. My vision was so bad the only time I did not wear my glasses was in the middle of the night to use the restroom. Any other time I had my glasses on. During this exacerbation I did not know if I would ever be able to use my hands again. That's when I looked to Dr. Matzkin to see if he could help me. I was fortunate enough not to have Optic Neuritis, which LASIK can not fix to my understanding.

We went in to see if I qualified and the wonderful staff was able to set up the procedure the next day. The procedure went great! Dr. Matzkin and his staff are one of a kind. They make you feel so welcomed and truly care about you. I felt so grateful to have Dr. Matzkin perform the surgery. It was such a wonderful blessing. My eyesight is great and I couldn't recommend a better place to trust with your sight. With MS you never know what's going to happen next, but I know you should never take for granted what you are able to do. And during the times when I am in the bed a great deal of the day, it sure is nice not to have to worry about my vision. So if you or a loved one has a disability of any type, I would definitely recommend Dr. Matzkin.

Katie McLaughlin

LASIK Patient

Dennis Matzkin, MD - Chattanooga Ophthalmologist

Dr. Dennis Matzkin

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Cataracts Gone

No more halos around the lights, I can distinguish beige from white.

My big orange rug is now pink, contacts don’t spin when I blink.

The green suede boots are pastel gray, your expertise is trusted always.

I see the difference between black and navy blue, my vision is better thanks to you.

Linda Claxton

Premium Cataract Patient

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Goggles are the best way to protect your eyes while swimming, but they don’t always prevent all water from getting to the eyes. If you wear contacts, it’s best to remove them while swimming, since goggles aren’t a fool-safe method of keeping the eyes dry. This is for a couple reasons: For one, contacts are extremely easy to lose. Plus, it is also easy for bacteria to live on your contacts, which makes you more prone to eye infections from the water.

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Take note that conjunctivitis, particularly “chemical conjunctivitis,” is extremely common among swimmers. Therefore, if you experience any of the symptoms, such as redness, swollen eyelids, blurred vision or leaky discharge from the eye, be sure to make an appointment with an eye doctor as soon as possible.

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While corrective lenses or surgery can sometimes be the answer to helping people improve their vision, there are also lifestyle habits that can benefit your eyes, including:

A Healthy, Eye-friendly Diet

You need to eat anyway, so why not choose foods that satisfy your tummy and your vision? The next time you eat at a restaurant or go to the grocery store, try choosing some of these items:

  • Bananas
  • Beans
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  • Grapefruit
  • Kale
  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Nuts
  • Oranges
  • Salmon
  • Spinach
  • Tuna

Smoking Cessation

Now would also be a great time to stop smoking, especially since smoking can lead to macular degeneration and cataracts. Plus, tobacco use is bad for your overall health. Therefore, by quitting smoking, you could be saving your eyesight, as well as improving other aspects of your health.


Just like your skin needs protection during the warmer months, so does your eyesight. In fact, just like smoking, the sun’s strong UV rays can also lead to macular degeneration and cataracts. Visit our Allied Optical Shop to take a look at our sunglasses that help to block UVA and UVB rays, as well as some that can help block the sides of your eyes for added protection from the sun. And one other tip: The sun’s rays are powerful all year long. Eighty percent of the harmful rays come through even on cloudy days.

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The team at Allied Health wishes our smartphones could be our friends. It probably wouldn’t be as bad if the so-called “digital world” wasn’t staring us in the face 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But, it is. We spend most of our time in front of some type of electronic device, whether it be a computer, smartphone, tablet or other device, and we aren’t giving our eyes the break they need. And it’s hurting our vision.

If you had to take a guess, how much time would you say you spend in front of an electronic device during the day? Would it be four hours? Six hours? More than eight hours? Chances are, it’s more than you should be for your vision’s sake.

When you’re staring at a digital screen all day, you’re increasing your risk of suffering eyestrain, itchiness, and red eyes—which can all end up causing retinal damage.

Protect Your Eyes

While you may not be able to fully get away from being in front a computer or smartphone for your job, there are ways you can help reduce the risk looking at the intense light of the screen can bring to your vision.

First, limiting your screentime as much as possible is the best way to protect your eyes. Therefore, if you don’t have to be in front of a screen, don’t.

When you’re using a device, try to reduce the glare that comes from your screen by using screen protectors and dimming the brightness of the screen.

Try to give your eyes a break, too. One of the rules most experts recommend following is the 20-20-20 rule, which means that for every 20 minutes you are in front of a screen, you need to stare at something that is at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

If you’re experiencing any vision issues, such as dry eyes, redness, or itching, make an appointment with Allied Eye to have your eyes checked.

Protect Your Vision | Allied Eye
Posted on Saturday April 01, 2017

What would you do without your vision? It can be hard to imagine. Fortunately, our team at Allied Eye wants to help you keep your eyes healthy for years to come!

Avoid Eye Problems

Who doesn’t want to keep their eyes healthy? We all do! Here are some things to help our eyes stay protected and healthy for the long haul.

First, keep in mind what you eat. While you may automatically think about what you eat in conjunction with your weight, what you eat can also help keep your eyes healthy. Therefore, be sure you are eating a diet full of brightly colored vegetables, salmon and other cold water fish, and foods filled with vitamin A like carrots to help relieve dry eyes and fight eye disease.

Second, be sure to keep your eyes safe from the sun, especially since the weather outside is becoming sunnier and warmer. Obviously your skin can burn, but your eyes can also be damaged by the sun. Wearing sunscreen on your face and sunglasses to protect your eyes can help protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

How long do you stare at a computer screen every day? Chances are, it’s actually longer than you realize. Whether you’re working during the day on a computer at your desk job or you’re looking at your phone, tablet or television in the evenings, screen-time is a reality today. Many of us spend more time looking at a screen than at anything else during the day. Which, in turn, leads to digital eye strain. When possible, try and stay away from technology in order to give your eyes a break. When you’re at work and time at a computer is required, be sure to take regular breaks where you look away from the computer screen for at least 20 seconds at a time.

Finally, you need to make sure you have a regular eye exam every year. These comprehensive eye exams check to see if your vision has changed, but they also help detect diabetes, glaucoma and cataracts at the earliest stage possible for treatment.

When’s the last time you had your eyes checked? Make an appointment at Allied Eye to keep your vision in check.

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